Individual Nutrition Support

We believe nutrition is an important ingredient before, during and after your recovery.

Healthy eating and your overall nutrition are important tools in winning your battle with cancer. As part of your treatment team, we can work with you to provide eating tips, recipes and help with supplements to fuel your recovery. 

During treatment, your appetite may be affected. Maintaining good nutrition during treatment can help keep your body strong and make you feel better. Each person, cancer and treatment is unique. Our oncology clinical dietitian can work with you to craft a nutrition plan just for you, your treatment and your tastes. 

Once you have completed treatment, we can help you create a nutrition plan based on our experience with proven, evidence-based choices. 

 Learn more about how we help you stay nutritionally strong before, during and after treatment.

In this video, survivor Mike McGowan and his wife share how nutrition counseling helped his recovery.

Services are provided as part of Harper's Hope, a cancer survivorship program.  These services are provided to cancer survivors regardless of where they go for cancer treatment, no matter if they are newly diagnosed or a longtime survivor.

Meet the Nutrition Providers

Chandy Lockman Hoke, MS, RD, CSO, LMNT

Chandy is a registered dietitian and licensed medical nutrition therapist who created the Oncology Nutrition Program at Methodist in 2006. She has spent the last decade working with oncology patients and is one of only three registered dietitians in Nebraska who is board certified as a Specialist in Oncology Nutrition. Chandy believes nutrition is a powerful supportive therapy that can help patients get through cancer therapy and thrive in survivorship

Jami Tran-Balk, RD, LMNT

Jami has more than 12 years of experience as a registered dietitian. At Methodist, Jami works with patients to develop a plan for good nutrition, which can help reduce the risk of cancer, keep patients healthier during treatment and combat side effects and illness. She loves her job and the opportunity to make an impact in patients’ daily lives.