Behavioral Health

Help for your mind and spirit

Cancer affects you - mind, body and spirit - and can create stresses for you and your family. Part of your cancer-fighting team may include therapists specialized in helping patients and their families cope with the change cancer creates.

A psycho-oncologist (a psychiatrist focused on the cancer patient), a psychologist, psychotherapists and counselors are part of the team available to help you and your family.

In this video, Anne Marie and her daughter discuss how behavioral therapy programs helped them before and after treatment for cancer.

Services are provided as part of Harper's Hope, a cancer survivorship program.  These services are provided to cancer survivors regardless of where they go for cancer treatment, no matter if they are newly diagnosed or a longtime survivor. 

Jane Theobald, MD

As a psycho-oncologist, Dr. Theobald may help you and your family navigate the challenges cancer brings to you.

Dr. Theobald is a psychiatrist with a special interest and training in the changes cancer can cause to a family, as well as the chemistry of the brain and body.