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Surgery designed to give you the best outcome

Experienced surgeons, the newest operating facilities and the latest technology to battle your cancer

Cancer is scary. Whether it is you facing surgery or a loved one, you want to be sure you are in the best hands and have the best outcome. We understand. Surgery is a focus for us.

In fact, nearly twice as many people in Omaha chose Methodist for surgery - an annual 18,000 versus 10,000 operations reported by the Nebraska Hospital Association in 2015. That is why in the fall of 2016 we completed a major expansion of our surgical suites. 

Why is this important?

Newer doesn't automatically mean better. We designed these changes with the input of surgeons - focused on creating the best environment for patients and their families. Here are a few of these innovations - some readily visible and others only seen by staff:

Larger surgical suites

The new suites are approximately 150% larger at 650 versus 420 square feet. The larger design allows more unrestricted movement by surgeons and staff. Some equipment is ceiling-mounted allowing surgical teams to operate more efficiently. That means less time in the operating room for you. 

Private prep and recovery rooms

Now under construction, these rooms will provide privacy and a more healing environment as you prepare for and recover from surgery. 

Family nearby - and quickly informed

As your loved ones wait for surgery to conclude, they are nearby in a space that gives them quick access to the progress of your operation and recovery. Surgery navigators keep families updated and a digital tracking system gives your family the freedom to go to other areas of the hospital and while staying in touch. 

Minimally-invasive surgical technology

Some cancer sugeries can be performed with alternatives to traditional, open surgery. Using specialized technology, such as robotics, this type of operation has smaller incisions and a quicker recovery. Learn more about these minimally-invasive technologies, how and when they are used. 

Infrastructure built to grow

The design of the surgery area was done with the knowledge that technology and structure will undoubtedly change over time. Technological and communications growth is built into the surgery area. Building structure was planned with additional support for future innovations. These designs allow expansion with less interruption to you, the surgical patient and your family.

Any operation, any room, anytime

Our goal in the renovation was to design the operating theaters so that any surgical suite can accommodate any surgical procedure at any time. This allows more scheduling flexibility and results in less delay for you.

" It's hard for me to envision what the next breakthrough in technology will be, but we've tried to think of everything possible and incorporate it into these rooms so that if a structure needs to change, the supports are in the ceiling; if IT changes, we think we have the infrastructure set to accept those kinds of innovations.
Steve Goeser, President, and CEO of Methodist Hospital

Watch a video on how this surgical area is designed for the best outcomes for you.