Technology in the hands of an expert team - helping you beat cancer

When you or a loved one is diagnosed with cancer, you want experts in oncology, surgery and radiology to give you the best treatment plan to fight and win.

No cancer is the same - just as no patient is the same. Methodist brings experts in diagnosis, care and treatment together to create a plan as individual as you are. 

Your cancer-fighting treatment may include:

A team of experts collaborating on the best treatment plan for you.

Surgical experts, radiation oncologists and medical oncologists join with specialists in nutrition and therapy to examine your diagnosis and recommend treatment options. Based on these options and your preference, your  cancer-fighting multidisciplinary team creates a plan specifically for you and your cancer. 

Interventional Radiology

We are able to treat some cancers with Interventional Radiology - instead of the traditional open surgery. Incisions are smaller, your recovery is quicker and there are fewer complications. Interventional radiology may also provide Y-90 treatment for liver tumors, previously thought to be inoperable. 

Medical Oncology/Chemotherapy

Medical Oncology, or chemotherapy, may be used to target the cancer you are battling. Using biomarkers - special characteristics of your specific tumor and body, medical oncologists create a treatment plan specific to the genetic makeup of your cancer. This treatment using genomic testing helps identify the best treatment for your body and your cancer. 

Radiation Oncology

Radiation Oncology can target cancer cells to shrink tumors and control the progression of the disease. We use some of the latest and most proven technologies which allow us to precisely target cancer cells, while sparing healthy surrounding cells.   

Stem Cell Treatment

In some cases, transplantation of blood-forming stem cells may allow you to get high doses of chemotherapy, radiation or both to strengthen your treatment. This Stem Cell Transplant program is offered for a variety of conditions including lymphomas, leukemias, and multiple myeloma. 


Surgery offers the best hope for halting many types of cancer. Surgery helps diagnose specific cancers, remove tumors and can identify the spread of cancer into healthy tissue (called staging).  

Methodist houses the area's newest, most advanced surgical suites designed to provide the best tools and outcomes for the surgical team and you. Learn more about the advantage these surgical advances provide for your cancer treatment.

Clinical Trials

Your treatment plan may include access to national clinical trials. Patients at Methodist participate in clinical trials at two to three times the national average, offering a wide range of new treatment options to battle your cancer.