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Marcia Antworth

Breast Cancer Survivor

When Marcia Antworth’s family doctor, John Marhsall, MD, broke the news about an area of concern revealed by a mammogram, Marcia said, “I had a lot ahead of me, and I wanted to move forward. You can buckle under something like this, but that doesn’t help you get through it.” 

A strong, outgoing woman with a wide smile and easy laugh, Marcia stays active in her community and church, participates in a theater group and enjoys the quiet country life in Crescent, Iowa. While crediting family and friends with being extremely supportive, Marcia admits that, at first, she did not tell many people about her diagnosis. “I didn’t want people to go: Oh, poor Marcia,” she explains. “It’s not poor Marcia. It never was.”

“I owe my life to the Jennie Breast Health Center,” Marcia says, “and the one-on-one care that I got was as if I was the only person who had ever been through their door.” Marcia appreciated the convenience of one central location for tests, treatment, clear explanations and ongoing support.

Marcia knows that being a woman is still the number one risk factor for breast cancer. Once reluctant to speak publicly about her cancer, Marcia has stepped forward to promote breast cancer awareness, education and early detection throughout southwestern Iowa. 

What might have been the outcome if Marcia had put off her mammogram? Marcia asks herself this question often, remembering the wonderful people she has known — the women and a male friend too — who fought breast cancer and died.  

“I’ve been so lucky,” Marcia says. “Every day, I’m grateful my cancer was caught early.”