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Managing the physical effects of cancer

Cancer and its treatments sometimes leave you with physical changes and challenges. We understand - and provide you with support to help you. Here are some of those programs:

Inner Beauty: A Specialty Salon for Cancer Survivors

We don't want cancer to hide the inner beauty that you possess. Cancer can impact your skin, hair and body. You can visit a salon specially created for cancer survivors. This medically-based appearance program gives you the chance to consult with a clinical cosmetologist and create an individual plan to let your beauty shine.

Learn more about this special salon and request an individual consultation.

Individual Nutrition Support

Good nutrition is important before, during and after your treatment. Special support from a certified clinical oncology dietitian provides eating tips, recipes and help with supplements. 

Learn more about the nutritional support we provide to help you before, during and after your cancer treatment. 

Lymphedema Therapy

Cancer-related lymphedema is a condition in which swelling occurs because the lymphatic system is not functioning normally. Surgery, radiation, infection and sometimes the cancer itself may cause the lymphatic system to function poorly resulting in swelling in the fatty tissues under the skin. 

We offer a nationally accredited program providing individualized treatment and complete decongestive therapy by certified Lymphedema specialists.

Learn more about our specialized lymphedema therapy and consultation. 

Pelvic Pain and Sexual Medicine

If cancer or its treatment impacts your sexual health, we provide medical expertise, counseling and physical therapy in a private, comfortable setting. Specially-trained health professionals at Methodist Physicians Clinic Women’s Center address concerns related to pelvic pain and sexual health to help you enjoy a better quality of life. 

You can request a confidential consultation with us by calling (402) 815-1770.

Physical Wellness

Staying active during and after cancer treatment is important. Physical Wellness classes offered through Harper’s Hope are tailored specifically for cancer survivors and include aerobics, Pilates, yoga and strength training. 

Learn about the classes and support groups available to you.

Specialized therapy for physical changes

Cancer and its treatment may impact your body and your ability to perform the tasks of daily living. We offer specialized therapists to help with changes to swallowing and speech as well as physical changes your body may undergo.

Learn about the therapists and help available to you.