Gynecologic Oncologists

Gynecologic oncologists are devoted exclusively to the treatment of cancerous or pre-cancerous gynecological conditions. No two people - or cancers - are alike. We form a team with other physicians to create a treatment plan specific to your cancer. 

What is a gynecologic oncologist?

A gynecologic oncologist is a physician who specializes in diagnosing and treating cancers that are located on a woman’s reproductive organs, including cervial, endometrial (uterine), ovarian vaginal and vulvar cancers.

Gynecologic oncologists have completed 4 years of obstetrics and gynecology residency and then completed 3 to 4 years of additional specialized training through a gynecologic oncology fellowship. The gynecologic oncology fellowship involves intensive training about surgical, chemotherapeutic, radiation, and research techniques that are critical to providing the best care for gynecologic cancers. 

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Dr. David Crotzer, gynecologic oncology

David Crotzer, MD

Dr. Peter Morris, gynecologic oncologist

Peter Morris, MD

Niyati Nadkarni, MD, gynecologic oncology

Niyati Nadkarni, MD

Brent Tierney, MD, gynecologic oncology

Brent Tierney, MD